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Our Indoor Games


A beautiful table top game which is similar to pinball, pull back the lever and watch the ball shoot out of the channel and onto the board. 

This is a really nostalgic and fun game for everyone to get involved in. It is great for wedding receptions and parties due to the ease of play. 

Tournament Ring Board

This game is a charming addition to any event and looks lovely set up on the games table at a wedding reception or party. 

It is a traditional Irish game generally considered an indoor winter game but provides fun all year long. 

Four Balls

Four balls later became known as Connect 4, but this old fashioned example utilises solid wood balls and frame, making it a very interesting version of the beloved family game. 

Easy to play and fun for all ages, don’t miss this one for your event. 

Table Skittles

Colourful and cute, this set brightens up any event and looks very appealing all set up. It is another very simple game that can be enjoyed by all ages, making it an ideal piece to add to the games table. 

See who can get a strike with this miniature set!


This ancient game has origin as far back as the 12th century, but is still enjoyed in the 21st! 

This particular set is believed to have been made by prisoners and is a splendid example of the game. 

Shove Ha'penny

It does not get much more traditional and nostalgic than Shove Ha’penny. This table top board was a regular sight in pubs across the country in days gone by. 

We provide simple rule instructions for those unfamiliar with this game so it can be enjoyed by everyone. 


Grab your friends and family and dish out the chips (the poker variety). 

An intricate and superbly detailed set of chips accompanied by a deck of cards are bound to boost any poker game. Loser buys the drinks?

Board Game Selection

Our selection of old fashioned board games include Lexicon, Mastermind, Chess, Backgammon and Promenade series of Party Game. 

A game you fancy not on our list? Let us know and we will see what we can do… 

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