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Our Outdoor Games


A classic summer garden game that adds a touch of elegance to any event. This game is sure to be a firm favourite with your guests. 

Our set includes four mallets and balls and six hoops to manoeuvre through. We also lay out the course and provide a handy course map so you know where you’re aiming!


Coconut Shy

Everyone loves a coconut shy, nostalgic and competitive wrapped up with bunting! 

Our set up provides a backdrop decorated with handmade bunting, 5 coconut stands, original wooden balls from the circus and of course coconuts! We can decide how many you need or whether you’d prefer alternative prizes, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 


Also known as Boules, these silver beauties create a simple game filled with opportunities to show off your skills (or luck). 

This is one of our more compact garden games, perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. 

Horse Shoe Pitching

A game as old as the Romans (apparently). Choose between Team Gold or Team Black and take turns tossing the horse shoes at the wooden stake. 

This old fashioned game is another which can be played in a relatively small area. Our set also includes instructions for those unfamiliar with the rules, so the only question is Gold or Black? 

Tin Can Alley

An oldie but goodie. This classic carnival game is great for children and adults alike. Take aim with your bean bags and try and knock down all the tin cans to win. 

Our set includes vintage style apple crates, antique gold coloured cans and handmade bean bags. 


This traditional garden game is a classic, loved by all ages. This set features blue and silver posts on a wooden base and is the more modern set of the two we have available. 

Both equally as fun, it just depends which aesthetic you prefer!

Vintage Quoits

This set of quoits has a more vintage, old fashioned style. It features 2 tone wood with gold numbering and hessian coloured rings. 

These go very nicely with some of our other vintage games for an overall old fashioned aesthetic! Perfect for old venues with a bit of character!

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